What’s On Tap:

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Vintage watches. Custom builds and mods. Service & restoration.

B.O.T. likes all of these, so much that we've made it a priority to help others with any of the above...and more.

Through a passion for the classic timepieces and watch collecting, B.O.T. has branched out to become a resource for all things horology. In a bolstering environment for the vintage and bespoke items, we're here to bring you our flavor of unique timepieces and accessories to set your wrist, or collection, apart from the masses.

While we specialize in vintage Bulova & Accutron, you’ll find us with our hands on (and in) Benrus, Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Wyler, Belforte, Caravelle, Omega, Vantage, Seiko, Citizen, and many, many more!

Stay tuned and keep in touch: B.O.T. is here to serve you and build relationships that make the time worthwhile!

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